WCCO Radio – “Sunday Take” with Kim Crockett

July 17, 2022

Kim Crockett sits down with Blois Olson on WCCO Radio’s “Sunday Take” (830) to talk about things that matter. Elections matter, and as the candidate running for the statewide office that oversees elections, Kim shares about why she decided to run, her hopes for Minnesota’s future and how she plans to address the divisiveness around electoral outcomes.

The full interview is available here. Below is a short cut where Olson asks Kim about the pervasive divisiveness around Minnesota elections. Take a listen:


I think we focus on the laws we vote under….I think if we have better rules up front, when we get the results of elections, even when they’re close…or especially when they’re close…we’re going to have a lot more confidence about it.

So when we get together for Thanksgiving a couple weeks later, we can look at each other across the table, even if we voted differently, and say ‘that was fair…I can live with that result.’ Or if it was a close election and a recount, it was conducted in a transparent, fair fashion. That’s my goal.
” – Kim Crockett

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