United to Win

We are endorsed! I say “we” because this could not have happened without hundreds of small donors and an extraordinary statewide team. An amazingly talented group of people I am forever grateful to sacrificed, gave countless hours, and believe, as I do, that 2022 is our last chance, perhaps for generations, to heal Minnesota and restore fair and secure elections.

Remember. We are the Republican Party of Lincoln, the party that defeated slavery, demanded and won the right of women to vote and has fought to protect innocent life. We have done all that TOGETHER. Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The opposition wants to divide us because they know how strong we are together. Don’t let them win. Let’s unite now around the statewide ticket chosen by the delegation in Rochester!
(Ryan Wilson, not pictured here, our endorsed candidate for State Auditor and father of five, had family duties Saturday night! We admire that! Group photo coming soon.)

Simon is a formidable opponent with a huge war chest, DNC backing and the corporate media working hard to keep him in office. That’s why I’ve set an aggressive goal to raise $50,000 by month end, and even more each month until voting ends November 8. My team and I have put our lives on hold for you to win this fight and will continue to give it everything we have.

Today we shift to reaching out to all the Minnesotans looking for bold, new leadership; many are skeptical about Republicans, but they know the Democrats have failed. Help me introduce myself because we cannot win without their vote!

Please consider a donation:

 –  To battle Steve Simon’s inevitable attacks on my campaign via social media, email, and television
$100 –  To educate voters on how to protect their vote and how to boost voter integrity in their community.
 –  To initiate a “take the pledge” campaign for county auditors to support the party balance rule.

We will win in November, all of us, if we unite and look ahead to the election. We have a powerful, endorsed slate of outstanding candidates and an opportunity that may never come again. Let’s join hands, seize this moment to heal our great state, and march forward, TOGETHER, to a general election victory!

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Endorsed Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

P.S. I know that not all the delegates voted for me but ask you to join me now. I will not let you down!

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