Simon: Woke gone wild

Who do you self-identify as? Did you know you can self-identify your business at the Secretary of State’s office now as something it isn’t? You can “self-identify” as a veteran owned business, even if you’re not. You can “self-identify” as an immigrant owned business, even if you’re not. You can even “self-identify” as a member of a disability community or community of color, even if you’re not.

Of course, Steve Simon lets people “self-identify” as citizens when they vote so, not a shocker.

So, I asked him about it:

What’s so wrong with businesses “self-identifying” when they file an assumed name certificate with the SOS? Consumers and businesses use that information when they want to favor businesses owned by real, veterans, women, people of color, or a disabled person. Allowing businesses to pretend to be something they are not encourages fraud but it shouldn’t surprise anyone. We all know Steve Simon isn’t concerned with fraud.

The Secretary of State’s office has an obligation to give consumers and businesses true and correct information. It is no place for deception, yet Simon allows businesses to deceive others in order to win business. That hurts members of our minority communities, veterans, women and disabled business owners.

There’s lots more to do than cleaning up elections at the SOS office!


Prepared and paid for by Kim Crockett for Secretary of State Committee
P.O. Box 752, Excelsior, MN 55331/[email protected]

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