Steve Simon strips elections of signature comparison safeguards

Steve Simon strips elections of signature comparison safeguards


(Minneapolis, MN) Secretary of State Steve Simon (D) has done it again. Known in the past for going around the legislature to get what he wants from Minnesota courts (packed with liberal judges), he’s openly waving another victory in the face of voters who were already concerned about his manipulation and corruption of the state’s elections. His administrative rule (8210.2450), under challenge by the Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA), single handedly strips Minnesota election law of any signature comparison requirements on absentee ballots.

The MN Court of Appeals, which released their opinion on the case this week, is letting him get away with it. MVA is filing a Petition For Review with the MN Supreme Court. The Upper Midwest Law Center argued the case on behalf of MVA and issued a press release quoted, in part, below:

“First, the decision rewrote the law by brushing aside, in a footnote, that the law states that “the” voter must have signed the absentee ballot, not “a” voter. The Court’s decision allows the rule to alter that statutory requirement.
Second, the decision failed to even acknowledge that, under the Secretary’s rule, two different people can sign an absentee application and ballot, as long as the name on both is the same. Under the Secretary’s rule, there is also no way to tell if the voter needed assistance from those two people at separate times or not. Instead of making the common-sense determination that the law requires that the same person sign both the application and the ballot and the signatures appear to be the same based on common sense and good judgment, the Court essentially held that any person can sign any ballot for anyone, without limitation.”

The majority of votes in 2020 were cast as absentee ballots. Does it give you confidence knowing that any person can sign any ballot for anyone, without limitation? What could possibly go wrong with that!? Remember that when Steve Simon repeats his “Minnesota elections are fair and secure” mantra over and over again to voters.

I am fighting for you, for the rule of law, and for safeguards like Photo Voter ID that will give us all confidence in our election outcomes.



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