Simon is enabling voter fraud

September 8, 2022

Steve Simon is enabling voter fraud

When we stop patrolling our streets does speeding, DUIs, and accidents caused by them decrease? Of course not. People break laws, always have, always will. They do it more if they think they won’t get caught. That’s why safeguards like speed traps and DUI patrols are necessary. When safeguards are removed and perpetrators aren’t caught, it doesn’t mean the problem has gone away. It just means someone’s not doing their job.

That’s exactly what Steve Simon has done with our elections. Not only has he removed all safeguards against voter fraud, but he has intentionally enabled it and now claims, pointing to just a handful of cases, the problem is “microscopic” according to an interview last week on KNOW – Radio Minneapolis.

How Steve Simon has enabled voter fraud in Minnesota:

1. OPPOSED PHOTO ID: Simon has refused to support Photo ID to vote when he knows the vast majority of Minnesotans already have a photo ID and those that don’t could easily be provided one. The only reason not to support Photo ID to vote is that voter fraud has become part of his electoral strategy.

2. FAKE LAWSUIT: Simon asked the legislature in 2020 to get rid of postmark requirements and witness signatures on absentee ballots, and to extend voting by several days, but the legislature, knowing these safeguards prevent voter fraud, said “NO.”  So Simon decided to make an end-run thru the courts to get his way. He and his friend, Marc Elias of the radical left Democracy Docket (funded by George Soros) conjured up a “fake” lawsuit whereby the MN Secretary of State was sued to require the changes the legislature refused to approve. Simon pretended to “defend” the State of Minnesota but quickly cut a deal giving in completely to the fake lawsuit demands. As a result of this feigned court “loss” most ballots cast in 2020 were cast as absentee and required no witness signature, no postmark, and continued to arrive and be counted many days after Election Day.

3. NO MORE ELECTION JUDGES: Simon has written a rule subverting the legislature’s intent that party-balanced election judges from the major parties accept & reject all absentee ballots. His rule makes election judges, who keep the vote honest, completely unnecessary on ballot boards and allows government unionized staff to accept/reject all absentee ballots, even if those staff members are themselves candidates on the ballot!

4. NO MORE SIGNATURE COMPARISONS: Signature comparison requirements established by the legislature have been stripped from MN election law by his rule 8210.2450. The legislature requires election judges to “compare” signatures on absentee ballot applications and the returned signatures on the ballot envelope when there is an ID# mismatch. But Simon’s rule says the ONLY way a ballot may be rejected is if the “names are different”…thus the same name signed by obviously different people must be accepted in all cases. 

5. MORE INSECURE BALLOTS: Mail-in balloting has increased astronomically since Simon has taken office as he’s prioritized convenience over security every step of the way. From the time a ballot is printed, sits in a mail room, sits in your mailbox (where anyone can take it), sits on your counter (where other people can take it), goes back in your mailbox (where anyone can take it again), and gets delivered to your local government’s office mail room, and finally goes into a locked box…there are countless opportunities for fraud Of course we want rural communities to have this option if there aren’t physical polling places available, but the upward trend in mail-in balloting is not a good one for Minnesota. 

6. FELONS VOTING BEFORE COMPLETING SENTENCING: This last one has not been implemented but will be if Simon is elected in November. He wants to reinstate the right to vote for felons, who have not completed all the terms of their sentencing (including parole, paying fines, fees). Why? Numbers. It’s all a numbers game to Simon. The higher the number of votes the harder it is to find fraud, like a needle in a haystack. Just make the haystack bigger.

On September 3 John Hinderaker of Powerline wrote in a post titled It isn’t hard to cheat “Democrats consistently oppose any and all measures intended to assure election integrity. As a result, the U.S. has perhaps the most lax election systems in the world. There is no plausible explanation for the Democrats’ fierce opposition to ballot integrity, other than the assumption that enabling voter fraud is an important part of their electoral strategy.”

He goes on to explain why the Left must demonize Republicans as “racists” and “fascists,” noting that “one of their most important motives is that they want to delegitimize all efforts to make our elections honest and secure.”

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