Sending out an SOS

May 13, 2022 – We have all heard by now that the arena contract requires delegates to be out of the building on Friday at Midnight and 6:00 PM on Saturday night, whether endorsements are done or not.

Team Kim is sending out an SOS to every delegate and candidate at the state convention. We are calling for unity at this most critical time in our statewide election.

The Democrats would like nothing more than to see divisions rupture our party. They are eager to see extended floor fights, allegations and attacks against candidates and leaders.

And the Democrats would be thrilled if one or more constitutional offices leave the convention without an endorsement. The Secretary of State’s race is the most vulnerable office for no endorsement if we run out of time. LET’S NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

The corporate media will be with us in the arena. It is not intending to fairly report on our convention. It is coming to repeat a nasty narrative about Republicans. They will be watching and trolling online,

actively encouraging us to fight with one another, squander the limited time and run out the clock. Let’s
ignore them and keep our eye on November by endorsing candidates for all statewide offices!

We must all work together to ensure we have endorsed statewide constitutional candidates by Saturday


Let us all remember the purpose of why we are here: To endorse and support the best candidates to go into the general election strong so we remind Minnesotans what the Republican Party of Lincoln stands for and ask them to join us.

We have all worked so hard, those leading in the polls and those lagging as well, but you, the delegates, get to decide. YOU! Don’t let this opportunity be taken from you. Let’s remember we are the Party of Lincoln, the party that defeated slavery, demanded and won the right of women to vote and has fought to protect innocent life. We have done all that TOGETHER, and we can do this today.

Let us all leave Rochester knowing we did our best to lift each other up and accomplished our goal to endorse and launch our candidates to victory!

Thank you!


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