Repeal of Ranked Choice Voting not over in Bloomington

Repeal of Ranked Choice Voting not over for Bloomington

August 9, 2022

A full house of people wearing blue t-shirts supporting a ballot measure to repeal Ranked Choice Voting in Bloomington filled the council chambers last night. They were told by Mayor Busse, however, that no one from the public would be allowed to speak, that “This is not a public hearing.”

Below is a summary of the proposed ballot measure to amend the city charter:

“The purpose of this petition is to repeal ranked-choice voting in the City of Bloomington, restore free and fair elections to their prior form, and ensure public approval before any potential future adoption of ranked-choice voting.”

After hearing from the city attorney who informed the council the Attorney General’s office had been consulted on the matter, the council ultimately decided (7-0) to not allow the measure to be placed on the November ballot. It was noted the language in the measure to reinstate RCV in the future would require a 2/3 majority vote which conflicts with a statute that sets the majority vote required on a charter amendment at 51%. It was argued the petitioners would need to start over in the submittal process and there wasn’t enough time, procedurally, to consider a new petition that complied with statute.

One council member asked about the possibility of holding a special election to consider a new petition and it was discussed that a special election may be an avenue for petitioners to go forward.

Kathy Kranz, leader of Residents for a Better Bloomington (RFABB) stated after the meeting “This isn’t over, we will be back.”

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