Press Release – Media Abusing First Amendment

Press Release

MEDIA CONTACT: Shannon Bruce, Campaign Chair, [email protected]

The Media is abusing the right of a free press under the First Amendment

(Minneapolis, MN) – Media bias is nothing new, but it has reached the point of propaganda on behalf of an extreme leftist agenda. It is so pronounced that media outlets should be filing “in-kind” contributions with the FEC and Campaign Finance Board for Democratic/DFL candidates holding or seeking office.

The media has a new role these days: to smear candidates who do not accept a national narrative regarding election policy or election outcomes, despite many years of Democrats objecting to elections at least since Bush v. Gore in 2000. Minnesota’s own Sen. Amy Klobuchar even made an HBO documentary called “Kill Chain” to air her concerns about the 2016 presidential election, which she viewed as “hacked.” Almost 70 members of Congress refused to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump.

It is the duty of good citizens and candidates to hold elected officials accountable by asking questions and offering alternative policies. But this has now been demonized by the Left and reinforced by a compliant if not activist corporate media complex.

The irony is that Kim Crockett and other Republicans who object to Minnesota’s election laws and the conduct of the 2020 election are accused of “spreading disinformation.” This is classic projection: they accuse conservatives of what they are doing: spreading disinformation and attacking our First Amendment right to free speech, the right of assembly and to petition our government for redress of grievances.

Case in point: a recent thirty-minute KARE11 interview with Kim Crockett ended up on their news cast with less than 25 seconds of Crockett speaking. KARE11 selected clips and added narration to give credence to a poll from a left-wing organization formed for the very purpose of attacking reasonable candidates like Crockett.

The story was pushing “the big lie” agenda of the Left and included none of Crockett’s policy objections to Minnesota’s notoriously lax election laws or her solutions, like photo ID to vote. Nor did it mention her objections to Sec. Steve Simon’s conduct; his exclusion of citizen election judges from processing absentee ballots (which made up 58% of the vote in 2020); allowing Mark Zuckerberg to spend over $7 million on election operations in Democratic strongholds to get out the vote, and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Simon’s consent decree that altered election laws was unconstitutional (e.g. he waived postmarks and witness signatures for absentee ballots, and extended the counting of those ballots for 7 days).

The KARE11 story led with a poll commissioned by a radical left group called the Defending Democracy Project which was conducted by another leftist polling organization named Public Policy Polling (founder and staff are all Democrats). The poll methodology and poll data were not included or made available until the following email was sent by Crockett’s campaign to KARE11:

In an unsuccessful effort to obtain the polling data, Public Policy Polling was contacted and refused to provide it saying the Defending Democracy Project, who commissioned the poll, would need to do that. A contact at DDP was requested but PPP’s Polling Analyst refused to provide their contact at DDP.

KARE11 ultimately did include the polling data, three days after the story aired and everyone had read it. It was clear why they didn’t want anyone to see such an unscientifically conducted poll:

  • ·        The percentage of Republicans surveyed in the poll was only 29%
  • ·        Questions contained emotionally charged words, opinion and bias designed to elicit sought answers
  • ·        Sample size was small (approx. 600) and conducted mostly by text

It is expected things will get worse before the November midterms but there is also a wave of optimism in Minnesota. That wave of optimism will bring out the vote like never before. It will bring back civil discourse, tolerance and free speech. And, mostly importantly it will unite us all as Americans.

Kim Crockett’s campaign is about bringing back everyone’s confidence in our elections. Democrats challenged the outcome of the 2016 election as did Republicans the 2020. This is not a partisan problem, it is a policy problem and it can only be fixed with rock, solid election policy that takes politics out of the process and returns the rule of law.


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