Press Release – Kim Crockett wins MN Secretary of State Primary race

Press Release

August 10, 2022 – Kim Crockett wins Republican Minnesota Secretary of State Primary race

“I am honored to have won the Republican Primary. Minnesota is a politically divided state; we disagree about many things, but the fairness of elections should not be one of them. The Office of Secretary of State should be a non-partisan operation. My singular goal is to restore everyone’s confidence in Minnesota’s elections. We can only do that with better election laws such as Photo ID to vote and by banning private funding from groups such as Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life which spent over $7 million here in 2020.

I will champion common sense changes at the state legislature and ask election officials throughout the state how we can improve our election processes. I will never attempt an end-run around the state legislature as the current Secretary of State did in 2020. See, Carson v. Simon No. 20-3139 8th Circuit:

Simply put, the Secretary has no power to override the Minnesota Legislature….Thus, the Secretary’s attempt to re-write the laws governing the deadlines for mail-in ballots in the 2020 Minnesota presidential election is invalid….The rule of law, as established by the United States Constitution and the Minnesota Legislature,  dictates  these  rules  must  be followed  notwithstanding  the Secretary’s  instructions to  the  contrary.


I will also conduct a review of business services to make sure they are readily accessible to Minnesota’s diverse immigrant populations and small business in general. “Mom and Pop” stores and restaurants, which took a beating during the Covid lockdown, need a hand up to recover and thrive once again.”

Kim Crockett, Primary 2022 winner and endorsed Republican candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State

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