Press Release – 2022 Election Results

Press Release

MEDIA CONTACT: Shannon Bruce, [email protected]
RE: 2022 Election

(Minneapolis, MN) – Unless the race for Secretary of State is so close that there is a recount under Minnesota law, I will accept the result of the 2022 election, win or lose.

On Sunday, October 2nd I was asked by WCCO whether I was “confident in the administration of the 2022 election, and would I accept the result?”

The two-part question struck me as odd because Election Day, November 8th was 5 weeks away. A lot can happen in five weeks.

The reason I am running for Secretary of State is that Minnesota’s election laws are weak; for example, same-day registered voters’ ballots are counted without establishing the eligibility of the voter, and absentee ballots are not processed by a party-balanced board.

Minnesota has for too long emphasized convenience over ballot security. This has led to a decline in confidence in elections, and an increase in divisive rhetoric that is harmful to productive, civil discourse.

But given all the terrible division and misinformation around elections, I want to clarify my position so voters can focus on the policy differences between me and Steve Simon.

As for my confidence in the administration of the 2022 election, that is a different question which I will answer after the election is held.

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