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Friday, June 24, 2022

Kim Crockett sat down with Reporter Elena Pincoske with Russian-speaking newspaper North Star to talk about what matters in the Minnesota Secretary of State race. The interview was translated to Russian and appears in the June 24 issue of North Star. Below is the interview:



– Kim, in your campaign you pay special attention to the integrity of the elections. You have voiced your doubts about this, and this resonates with many people who do not believe in the results of the vote count.

– Let’s start with 2016. When Donald Trump won, the Democrats were sure that the voting results were rigged, that the Russians interfered in the election, and other accusations were made. The investigation, which lasted two years, proved the falsity of these allegations. Moreover, it turned out that the whole idea of the so-called ”Russian collusion” was invented from beginning to end: Hillary Clinton hired a group of people who created this story and introduced it to the masses with the help of liberal media.

In the same 2016, Senator Amy Klobuchar also expressed doubt about Trump’s victory and released a documentary showing how election machines are easily hacked. It’s called ”Kill Chain” – an interesting movie, I recommend watching as the country sorts through our reliance on election technology.

In 2018, there were many questions about the results of close local and state elections: in areas where Republicans traditionally won, Democrats suddenly won everything.

And in 2020, the whole country started talking about the integrity of the presidential election again; almost half of the population did not believe the outcome, this time the Republicans.

Thus, over the past few years, both parties have raised the issue of the integrity of the elections and the correctness of the counting of votes. By the way, it is the Democrats that most often doubt the results of the vote, it is the Democrats who most often tried to protest them in previous years.

What do we have in the end? It turns out that if a candidate not from your party won, you don’t believe the results. I want to stop this terrible cycle. The integrity of the elections should not cause doubts among citizens, no matter which party’s candidate they vote for. That’s my goal and that’s why I’m running for the position of Secretary of State.


– Fair and secure elections – what needs to change for people to trust the results of voting again?

– Minnesota has sloppy elections laws that leads people to doubt the process.. You can go to the polling station on the day of voting and, without providing any identification, vote. There is no pre-registration required. This is how people’s votes are counted, and it is not known whether they all have the right to vote from the point of view of the law. This needs to be fixed.

To do this, we need to comply with a few recommended changes.

Firstly, vote in person – the presence of citizen election judges at polling stations is necessary. The so-called no excuse absentee voting  should be abolished, because this practice raises questions and involves additional financial costs. The following is an identity card: you have come to vote – provide a photo ID. The third is registration before election day; it is necessary in order to have time to check whether you are a US citizen, that you are over 18 years old, and you are not a felon.

These are simple and logical requirements that will better ensure legitimate elections. If they are followed, then on the day of the announcement of the vote count there will not be such a huge percentage of citizens who do not believe the results.


– The media accuse you of spreading a conspiracy theory about the 2020 elections. How would you comment on this?

– I am not a fan of conspiracy theories and I am not engaged in their dissemination. I criticize a certain election procedure and propose concrete actions to improve it and so that there is no doubt among people about the results of the vote.

Why am I criticizing the election procedure? The current Secretary of State, Steve Simon, took advantage of the pandemic to change the voting rules for the 2020 elections. Firstly, he worked with an organization called Democracy Docket, which was founded by Marc Elias. With the help of a fake lawsuit, they changed our election laws in court. The laws should not change in court – they are meant to be created in the State Legislature, and if the governor signs them, they become law. And these outside groups interfered in our process. How is that ok? The judge who accepted their lawsuit and allowed this to happen is also a Democrat, once worked on Amy Klobuchar’s team. It is not surprising that she has settled the lawsuit in favor of the new voting rules.

As a result, three things were changed: first, absentee ballots were allowed to be counted after November 3 until November 10, which gave them seven additional days. Secondly, they waived the postage requirement on envelopes for absentee mail-in ballots, so there was no way to check what date the ballots were sent. And third, they canceled witness signatures, taking advantage of the pandemic: alleging it is dangerous to have an observer next to you when filling out the form.

Moreover, Simon also ruled out the possibility for citizen election judges to check absentee ballots – and made it possible for cities and counties to hire whoever they want to be on their absentee ballot boards, even though the law requires party-balanced election judges, who would observe each other and thus ensure the integrity of the vote count.

I want to convince the legislature to improve our election laws and I promise not to make law outside of the legislative process.

I raise the issue of election integrity, and many people don’t like it. But it is very important to change this, my goal is for the Minnesotans who came to vote to be confident in the legitimacy of the procedure and to be able to trust the results.

– It is well known that most of the media are liberal. Do you agree with the statement that liberal media has now become almost totalitarian? And what do you think about the cancel culture?


– The Democrats have changed a lot in recent years, with a powerful faction turning into a radical leftist sect. They are not ready for dialogue, dismiss any discussion, immediately label you.

The current Democrats who preach leftist ideas are unhappy people. Have you noticed this? They need power at any cost, they need our unquestioning obedience. And they don’t like America.

And they are not interested in discussing or solving problems. They prefer to attack instead of discussing an issue.

I personally experienced the so–called cancel culture – I was “canceled” in 2019. My words were taken out of context and interpreted in the most negative way, not corresponding to what I think and what I said. Nevertheless, I am here, I am applying for an important position and I want to show people by my example that no one can “cancel” you. Of course, the fact that I am a lawyer also helped me in my situation, but I want to remind you once again that even if you are “canceled”, you will be able to survive this and continue to work and grow professionally. The main thing is not to be afraid! Otherwise, we will not defeat these bullies and we will lose the country.

The very idea of a cancel culture is chilling – it is designed to control people. Cancel culture takes away our freedom, people should not live in fear. I am very offended by what is happening in our society now. And if we let the apologists of this new “culture” win, where will we go? And what should people who came to this country for freedom do? Go back? No, we need you to stay and help us win back our freedom.

I was born in Minnesota. My ancestors were born and lived in this state since the Civil War period. This is my home state, and I want and am ready to fight for the future of Minnesota and Minnesotans.


– Soros video – I can’t help but ask you about it. This video became famous even in Israel and received critical press not only here in Minnesota. Introducing Soros as a puppeteer was a bold move, and I’m sure you understood what it would cause irritation in some very serious people. And yet you went for it. Why?


– The published video was dedicated to the role that the three Democrat leaders have played in the elections in Minnesota for many years. For example, in 2006, Soros funded a project that brought Democrats to power in 23  states, including Minnesota. In 2008, Marc Elias played a key role in the recount of votes between Republican Senator Norm Coleman and his Democrat opponent Al Franken. Elias has returned to Minnesota many times, including in 2020, to work with Steve Simon (the current Secretary of state) to change Minnesota’s election laws through litigation rather than legislation, and to propose a radical redistricting plan designed in favor of the Democrats.

Although it shouldn’t matter, I didn’t know Elias was Jewish, and I also don’t know anything about Simon and Soros’ religious tradition. I pay attention to what people do, and it has nothing to do with religion or nationality. I find it the height of hypocrisy that the Democrats so thoughtlessly and easily make accusations of anti-Semitism.

Over the past few years, with alarming frequency, prominent Democrats from Minnesota have openly and brazenly made violent anti-Semitic statements and called for policies that would cause great harm to the State of Israel. And none of their statements were refuted by Democrat leaders.

The accusation of anti-Semitism should never be used lightly, otherwise it will lose its power to correct and condemn people who actually want to harm the Jewish people. I’m not one of them.


– Is freedom of speech dead in America? It seems to people that nowadays it is better not to ask questions and that honest discussion of some topics is forbidden to both ordinary people and politicians.


– My country has changed a lot. I know and remember America differently. We are losing our country, and it is very hard to watch.

I talk a lot with immigrants and hear from them that they are just shocked by what is happening. People came here fifteen, twenty, thirty years ago – it was a completely different America. They, like me, do not like where we are being led, they are, without exaggeration, terrified. It is very hard for me to hear this from people who once believed in the United States and came here to live freely, run a business, raise children. In academic circles in recent years, the term of what is happening now in the country – “cultural Marxism” –  has appeared and has already been established.

People are afraid to express their opinion, disagreement with something, they are afraid of being fired from work for an “incorrect” post on social networks, they are afraid that they will be “canceled”. This is America today. This needs to change. We need to reach out and catch our country before it falls off a cliff.


– During COVID-19 during these two years, local authorities were criticized due to too strict measures: quarantine, mandatory wearing of masks, children had to wear masks in schools for almost two years every day for 8-9 hours, although opinions of medical specialists differed on the need for such a measure. While in Florida, as we know, masks were not mandatory, there was no lockdown, and small businesses and the state’s economy were not so badly affected by covid. Many moved to Florida during that time– mostly because they were too unhappy with how local authorities were handling the pandemic. What could be done differently in Minnesota in the period 2020-2022?


– Steve Simon, the current secretary of state, voted the same way as the governor to introduce a lockdown for all small businesses. Not for huge retailers, but for small companies, stores and restaurants. That is, the quarantine measures taken primarily caused damage to a certain category – owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Schools and educational institutions were closed, as a result, the quality of education fell. The children were isolated from their peers and friends. Churches were also closed, which is unconstitutional. And large corporations were allowed to remain open.

If you are forced to close your business, what can you and your family live on? You still have to pay for housing, for food. Lockdowns caused huge damage to entrepreneurs and the economy of our state. While some large corporations have enriched themselves even more.

It is true that during the period 2020-2022, Minnesotans began to move to other states, in particular to Florida. In addition to reasonable policies during the height of the pandemic, which protected small and medium-sized businesses, there are low taxes, and this is also a big attractive factor compared to Minnesota.

If we allow the destruction of the American middle class, people will become completely dependent on the government, which will give the ruling elites unlimited power.

The position of Secretary of State, for which I am applying, will allow me to ensure a fair vote in the elections and will give me the opportunity to provide legal, legislative protection to small and medium-sized businesses. Not huge corporations, but entrepreneurs and small businesses are the basis of the economy of any country. This is the backbone of America. This is the basis of freedom in our country. And I will fight for it as Secretary of State.


– Why did you decide that it is important to reach out to the Russian-speaking community?


– I’m going to win the election. It is important for me to understand what the Russian-speaking community of Minnesota needs, how I can help people. I want to know what is bothering them, and I am glad that many representatives of the Russian-speaking community with whom I have met and communicated share my views. Many of you came from the former USSR, a country where the government restricted the freedoms of citizens, there was no freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, and there was no independent journalism. Many of you, having arrived here, found America different – free and prosperous, as I remember it. This unites us.

We must turn away from the dangerous path along which we are being led. Let’s join our efforts, let’s work together. Let’s stop being afraid. Everything is in our power! No one can tell us how to live, what to think and what to say.

Republican candidates and leaders in Minnesota are focused on ideas and solutions; we come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, but we are united in supporting a Constitutional Order that protects the minority from majority rule, restrains government and ensures equality before the law.

Minnesotans are exhausted by identity politics and the failed radical policies of the Socialist Democrats. I ask all the people of Minnesota to unite, regardless of your faith and ethnicity, to heal our beautiful but broken state.

I want to appeal to your readers to vote for me. I will do everything I can to win, to clean up Minnesota and to make our state a safe, prosperous HOME for all of us again.


Elena Pincoske


Prepared and paid for by Kim Crockett for Secretary of State Committee
P.O. Box 752, Excelsior, MN 55331/[email protected]

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