Joining together to heal Minnesota

Voting is the most fundamental expression of a free, self-governing people.

The right to have your vote count is your most important civil right. Your vote should never be cancelled by an illegal ballot.

You should be able to take for granted that elections are fair, secure and conducted by rules that do not favor one party or candidate over another.

You should be able to assume that our government would never allow interference in the election process by outside organizations. And that election officials not only respect the choice of eligible voters but that they work over-time to be sure the process is honest.

If we lose, we want to be certain we lost fair and square.

Minnesota’s elections laws are a national disgrace. Our election process has been hyper-partisan for years.

I am Kim Crockett, asking you to elect me as your next Secretary of State.

I will follow the law, ask the Legislature to adopt common sense measures that make it easy to Vote but really hard to Cheat!

And I will root out and never allow outside organizations like Zuckerbucks to interfere with your vote.

But first we have to get elected! Join me at to find out how we will win!

The endorsed Republican ticket offers voters a stark contrast to the Democrats’ who now govern most of our cities, county boards, school boards and government agencies throughout the state.

Let’s join together to heal Minnesota! Let’s start with fair and secure elections!

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