• Vote local, Photo ID and safeguard the vote.

    Encourage Minnesota to return to the civic traditions that unite us on Election Day. Americans are divided on many issues but identifying ourselves when we vote is not one of them! Kim will work with the legislature to pass common sense reforms to protect the choice of eligible voters (e.g. require photo ID and provisional ballots; cross-check voter registration lists against other databases; review ballot security for absentee ballots; tighten chain of custody requirements; require random post-election audits; require citizenship to vote).

  • Empowering Small Business.

    Small businesses are the backbone of our state economy; the Secretary of State’s office should take the lead with other state agencies to simplify registrations for new and relocating businesses to attract and keep them employing Minnesotans. Let’s make Minnesota a business-friendly state!

  • Require election judges to accept/reject all absentee ballots.

    On Election Day, citizen election judges from the major parties work together to safeguard our votes. It’s called the party balance rule. Why is Sec. Simon discouraging counties and cities from following the party balance rule when they accept/reject absentee ballots? In 2020, 58% of the vote was cast by absentee ballot.

  • Ban third-party voter interference.

    Mark Zuckerberg spent over $400 million to get out the vote in “blue” districts across the nation, including over $7 million in Minnesota. His organization (CTCL) is now spending $80 million to infiltrate election operations at the local level to "help" with websites and databases. What could go wrong? Other "progressive" organizations flood our mailboxes with official looking ballot applications, sometimes with pre-filled data, that purposely confuse voters.

  • Reverse mail ballot trend in Greater Minnesota.

    Of course there are many legitimate reasons for voting by mail (small rural towns, immobility issues, absentee, etc.) but Sec. Simon has worked hard to shift Greater Minnesota townships to vote by mail instead of voting in-person. In 2020, 1,345 precincts out of about 4,000 closed, up from 588 precincts in 2014 when Simon took office. Only registered voters get a ballot; if you do not have one or do not want to put it in the mail, you must drive to the county seat, or miss the vote... Read More

  • Enforce the law against internet connections.

    Citizens and election judges should be empowered to confirm that vote tabulating equipment is not connected to the internet until the polls are closed on Election Night. Elected officials should be required to certify that the law was followed.

  • Censure unconstitutional changes to laws.

    In 2020, Sec. Simon extended Election Day seven (7) days and waived signature and postmark requirements by “consent decree” and without legislative authorityto do so, violating the constitution, according to the 8thCircuit Court of Appeals.

  • Reduce 46-day “early voting” season.

    Why are voters asked to decide 6 weeks before Election Day? How much does that cost taxpayers, and burden election officials? Instead of 46 long days of “early voting” let’s return to a reasonable week or two before Election Day.

  • Reduce reliance on technology; plug the holes.

    We have entrusted our most important power as citizens, the right to choose our representatives, to technology we do not understand or control. It is time to identify and plug security holes in both hardware and software to ensure the integrity of voting systems. Is high-tech really saving money, time or making elections more secure?

  • Protect vulnerable citizens.

    The elderly, homeless, and non-English speaking citizens are being exploited for their votes. Why do election rules allow and encourage this?

  • Oppose the expansion of Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV).

    RCV promises voters better results through "coalition voting." But in practice this overly complicated voting scheme creates chaos, dilutes the power of your vote—and gives some voters more influence over outcomes than others. It also violates “one person, one vote.” The so-called "FairVote" movement pushing RCV diabolically undermines fair elections in the name of fairness! Minneapolis is the poster child.

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