Hmong Veterans Endorse Kim Crockett

The campaign is honored to announce the Hmong Veterans (SGU Veteran & Families Development of USA, Inc.) have endorsed Kim Crockett for Secretary of State. 

In an emotional meeting September 28, led by Mai Tong Her and her husband Captain Shoua Ger Yang, a gathering of Hmong veterans told Kim, “We love America and Minnesota! We are very concerned about skyrocketing crime and the cost of living, as well as the unsafe schools and immoral curriculum such as CRT. This is not why we fought alongside the Americans, or why we came here. We came here seeking freedom and prosperity. Our neighborhoods are under attack from criminals, our cars are being stolen. We do not feel safe. You must work hard to fix these problems.” 

I am deeply touched and honored by this endorsement from the Hmong Veterans. The sacrifices of Hmong veterans and the Hmong people, many of whom were wounded or died in Laos and Vietnam,

marked the beginning of a very special friendship built on the love of freedom and a rejection of Marxism. Mai Tong, who fought in the war, showed me a picture of her as a young woman in military fatigues and said she still has nightmares about the war. 

Minnesota has been blessed by our Hmong neighbors and the brilliant leadership of General Vang Pao, who died in 2011. General Vang Pao’s spirit lives on in the Hmong community and beyond. General Vang Pao left a legacy of strong leaders who are carrying on his mission of protecting the Hmong culture but also protecting America, just like the Hmong did in Laos and Vietnam all those years ago. 

I have spent many happy hours with the Hmong people at important community events, celebrations and blessings. I am always moved by the welcome I receive from Hmong leaders and the community. Thank you for your trust and confidence. I look forward to working with the Hmong Veterans when I am Secretary of State.

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