Five Lies

“When the argument is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

This page is dedicated to telling the truth and addressing accusations from a national media campaign  spreading false and defamatory allegations against Kim Crockett.

We hope voters and journalists find this resource helpful. 

Choose Your Favorite Rumor:

Claim: Kim Crockett wants to take voting rights from disabled, non-English speaking or other vulnerable voters


During a radio interview about bad actors and fraudsters who prey upon the elderly, infirm, disabled and non-English speaking voters, Kim posed a simple question about people, whose injuries, illness or condition rendered them unable to make decisions for themselves: ‘Should they be voting’?

The opposition immediately seized the opportunity to use this sound byte out of context to serve their narrative.

KIM: “I support and am fighting for every legal citizen’s right to vote and that, of course, includes all disabled, elderly, and non-English speaking voters. I have never said otherwise despite false quotes circulating on social media.

I asked this question to stimulate thinking around how to protect these vulnerable citizens. The common practice of complete strangers “helping” vulnerable individuals to vote and in some cases voting for them without their understanding, knowledge, or consent is exploitation. It is also, voter fraud.”

As Americans, it is our obligation to ask questions if we want to find answers. Truth seekers do not mind questions or a debate. My opposition obviously sees this question as a threat to the accepted practice of fraud and ballot harvesting from vulnerable Minnesotans.

Claim: Kim Crockett doesn’t want to “go to work for people who aren’t from here.”

CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT. The opposition wants you to believe Kim has a bias against legal immigrants in Minnesota. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

KIM: “If you listen to the 2018 radio interview, I was talking about “getting up in the morning” as a taxpayer to go to work, as a taxpayer, to pay for welfare for those who violated our legal immigration process.

I want to protect every single legal vote that is cast and that includes legal immigrants who have obeyed our immigration laws and are rightfully U.S. citizens.”

Claim: Conspiracy Theorist/Election Denier/Dangerous/Existential Threat to Democracy

These are labels the radical left and main stream media use to silence those advocating policies to safeguard elections. But their purpose is also to divert attention from failed policies responsible for rampant inflation and crime. (See KSTP Truth-Test on “election denier” attack ad)

KIM: “We need to be having civil conversations about election policy, not calling each other names. We can’t pretend everything is perfectly fine while Minnesotan’s, from all political parties, continue to question the security of our elections year after year.

Working to restore confidence in our elections isn’t dangerous or extreme. The freedom to talk about issues used to be a cornerstone of American politics. We need to restore that too.”

So, let’s talk about what we can do today and going forward to give voters confidence in our election outcomes. See website issues page.

Claim:  Racism stemming from a 2019 interview with The New York Times.


Several years ago, the NYT alleged that Kim Crockett had made a ‘racist’ comment during a discussion following an interview concerning the assimilation of immigrants into the St. Cloud community. On the heels of this hasty charge Crockett was briefly suspended from her job at the Center of the American Experiment (CAE).

Following an investigation  Kim returned to her job at CAE. She was never fired as several social media posts and comments suggest.

The NYT: The publication that told us the former President engaged in collusion with the Russians. The NYT: Which reported Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian intel plot and spread the Steele Dossier hooker story. The New York Times. In the end, The National Enquirer has a better track record on truth than the New York Times.

KIM: “How unfortunate the true meaning of racism (i.e., a specific belief that races can be ranked according to genetically inherited characteristics) has been lost by the Left crying wolf so loudly and so often.

The people who know the real Kim Crockett (see, Endorsement Page) are a group of diverse and respected Minnesota leaders. One should ask if their opinions mean more than a political opponent’s, who hides from debates and whose only weapon is slander.”

Claim:  Anti-Semitism stemming from video depicting George Soros, Steve Simon & Marc Elias


A one-minute campaign video, played at the state convention last May, depicted three individuals known to have caused enormous damage to our confidence in elections: George Soros, MN SoS Steve Simon, and Marc Elias.

Unbeknownst to the Crockett campaign, all three of these powerful players, it turns out, happen to be Jewish, though George Soros has openly rejected that identity.

Because a graphic in the video depicted Soros controlling Simon and Elias, it was falsely claimed the campaign’s intention was to target Jewish religious affiliations, rather than the bad actions of Soros, Elias and Simon, who were all connected to a consent decree waiving important election safeguards and condemned as unconstitutional by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

KIM: “Politically motivated accusations of anti-Semitism, or for that matter racism or any other “ism” where we discriminate against others, diminishes the seriousness of the real thing. It is cowardly and nothing more than an attempt to silence legitimate criticism of lawlessness.”