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Former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz

“The Democrats long ago captured Minnesota’s election operations, turning the Secretary of State’s office into a highly partisan machine. The DFL now holds our state hostage to their terrible, far-left agenda. Voters are looking for new leadership. But we cannot turn things around if people of integrity cannot win elections. We need a strong Secretary of State candidate to make the case for change in 2022, and to help the Republican ticket overcome the DFL’s margin of fraud. We have that candidate this year.

Kim Crockett has the knowledge to inform our statewide election strategy, the credentials to win and the guts to take on the DNC machine. It will be a battle.

Getting behind Kim right now makes it more likely we can achieve a victory across the board in 2022 because she knows Simon’s partisan playbook, and has a strategic plan to flip Minnesota, just like Virginia flipped last fall. Kim has the smarts to challenge Steve Simon. She also has the right message to attract the independent voters we need—to restore everyone’s confidence in elections by running a clean operation.” – Former United States Senator Rudy Boschwitz (R-MN)

Dan “Doc” Severson

“Kim Crockett can make elections fair again!

I am Dan ‘Doc’ Severson. It was my honor to have been selected twice by you the delegates to represent the Republican Party as your Secretary of State candidate. The first time in 2010 we came within 3 points against a seated incumbent and second election in 2014, we came within a single point, the closest of any statewide race since 2010.

We ran a race that emphasized the importance of the integrity of the vote and of reaching out to minority groups to give them their rightful place on the conservative platform. Those priorities have not gone away but rather become even more important. Kim Crockett knows this.

I have known Kim Crockett for over 13 years. She has the heart of a public servant, she’s a strong person and has the respect of all who know her well. Her service in conservative think tanks, influence at all levels of government both state and federal and her voice for election integrity in the public square mark her as a clear choice to take back elections from the corrupt Democratic machine. It is without reservation that I endorse Kim Crockett for your next Secretary of State. She will be a strong voice for conservative values, accountability in government and most importantly, SHE CAN WIN.”

Dan ‘Doc’ Severson
Endorsed Republican Candidate for Secretary of State 2010 and 2014

Lt. Gov. Joanne Benson

“These are things I look for in a candidate: character, intelligence, work ethic, and dedication to service. Kim Crockett has all these characteristics and more. She is my candidate for Secretary of State.

I’ve never known a time when the Office of Secretary of State was more important, and I’ve never known a candidate more prepared to serve in this Office than Kim Crockett!” – Former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor and State Senator Joanne E. Benson

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen

“I enthusiastically endorse Kim Crockett for Secretary of State. She has been, not only an important, helpful and knowledgeable resource for the Legislature, but also a tireless active citizen in her community. She has served locally on her city council, fire board and congressional district helping local candidates and has a passion for public service. I know she will bring that same energy to this most important race and will hit the ground running when elected. Minnesota needs Kim Crockett in the office of Secretary of State!”-Representative Glenn Gruenhagen, Minnesota House District 18B

Frank Long

Kim is smart, organized, connected & fearless. She has spent years in the trenches living and breathing the Conservative cause from a lawyer’s point of view. She has given time, in and out of state, providing footwork & expertise.
I know and trust her. She will know what to do and how to do it on day one. She is more than marketing. – Long-time Minnesota Republican activist and business owner, Frank Long

Representative Tim Miller

“It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Kim Crockett to be our next Secretary of State.  Kim has been devoted to the cause of honest and legal elections for years and is best suited to bring trust back to the process.  Kim is dedicated to the cause of conservative values.  She can be trusted by everyone as Minnesota’s Secretary of State.” – Representative Tim Miller (R) Minnesota House District 17A

Senator Dave Osmek

“I’ve known Kim for many years and have seen, first-hand, her depth, breadth and passion for election integrity, Constitutional principles and the rule of law. 

She is a fighter that will go to the mat with Steve Simon and win. I wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse her for this critical office. 

There is no question Minnesota needs her powerful voice in this office to bring back fair and secure elections to this state.”

Senator Dave Osmek, President Minnesota State Senate

Regina Reed

“Kim Crockett calls me ‘mom’ and I love her as if I were. It’s sometimes hard to be conservative in Minnesota, so we adopted each other! We like to attend political events together, and compare notes but we also attend church together. God is good; he provides the people we need. Kim is a strong, brave and accomplished woman made for such a time as this. Her depth and breadth of experience in the election integrity arena is second to no one. Minnesota can trust her with this very serious job and need only look at her election policy work to know she will be a passionate advocate for all Minnesota voters. She will bring the confidence of the people back to the Office of the Secretary of State by running a non-partisan shop. I did not march with Dr. King, and fight for civil rights to see this great country ruined by dishonest brokers on the left. Join me in supporting Kim!” – Regina Reed, Long-time Republican officer and activist

Penny Steele

“Kim is just the candidate we need to beat Steve Simon.  She is a candidate with the intellectual fire power to go head-to-head with all those ‘thoughtful’ liberals!  She comes with solutions, not just talk about how bad the problem is.  She is fact based, something generally missing from the public arena.  I am excited to endorse Kim Crockett.  I look forward to having a real leader as Secretary of State!” – Penny Steele, former Hennepin County Commissioner and Three Rivers Parks Board Commissioner

Representative Dean Urdahl

Kim Crockett has been a valuable resource to legislators as we develop policies to ensure voter integrity.  She will continue to fight for secure elections as Secretary of State.” – Representative Dean Urdahl (R) Minnesota House District 18A