Don’t let Socialist money count the vote

April 19, 2022 – Our campaign to demand election integrity and expose Steve Simon’s Partisan Playbook is a winning theme with delegates and citizens across Minnesota. The People we meet are AWAKE: the Secretary of State’s race is NOT just a down-ballot race. It is an office to be fought for and won! We need your help.

Why do we need help? Because the SoS office COUNTS the votes. Everywhere we go, election integrity is ISSUE NUMBER ONE. Our campaign has successfully raised the money we need from small dollar donors throughout the state! We are grateful for every dollar–thank you! I run a tight financial ship (note our cash on hand) just like I will when I am Secretary of State entrusted with your tax dollars.

That’s the good news!

We are on our way to the endorsement at the State Convention on May 13th. Let’s send me out of Rochester endorsed and ready to take on Simon and the DNC. 


Can you believe the postal union (which carries absentee ballots) is allowed to not only give Simon money but endorse (always Democratic) candidates! Where is the integrity in that?

We need to fight fire with fire. That means supporting my campaign, something conservatives are not used to doing for this “down-ticket race!” We cannot count on corporate media to help get out my message! We have to take this directly to the People of Minnesota who may not understand what Republican delegates do—Steve Simon is running a partisan shop to keep his party in power.

It’s time for conservatives who want to WIN to unify behind a candidate who thinks strategically, knows Simon’s playbook and is LASER FOCUSED on restoring the security of our elections — AND who can compete with the DNC money machine backing Simon. Simon is a DNC Rock Star! He’s leveraging his friends like Marc Elias at the DNC to fund his campaign. He had all the money he could spend in 2022 last year! 

Does that scare us? No, it makes me more determined than ever to WIN, with your help!

Minnesotans know better and are waking up to our message. For every BIG GOVERNMENT DONOR he has, we NEED 15 every-day Minnesotans to give $15, $55, $105, OR MORE to compete.

Will you join us? Help us fund digital ads exposing Steve Simon with a gift of $25. Help us use our campaign platform to organize field efforts and get EYES ON EVERY BALLOT. OR help us get organized for the state convention with a gift of $100 or more – we still need to order critical materials to reach every delegate!

Any amount helps. We have proven we are the campaign who can compete with Steve Simon’s money machine–and we know how to manage those funds wisely. Now, we just need your help!

Please send what you can right now, either online or with a check sent to Kim Crockett for Sec. of State Committee P.O. Box 752, Excelsior MN 55331

And do not forget to pray for our beautiful state and the success of this campaign to RESTORE EVERYONE’S CONFIDENCE IN ELECTIONS!

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