Dead people on voter rolls

Dead people allowed to remain on Minnesota voter rolls


Why doesn’t our current Secretary of State Steve Simon (D) care that dead people are being sent voter registration cards? Other state and federal agencies record decedents’ deaths quickly, stopping social security payments, pensions, veterans benefits, etc., usually within days.

But for some reason the Secretary of State thinks it’s fine to let them stay on the voter rolls. The SOS receives a monthly report from the Commissioner of Health on deceased individuals and is required to notify county auditors who have 60 days to remove them from their voter rolls. We were contacted by a concerned citizen who received a voter registration card for her deceased father seven months after his death:

More alarming though is she learned another voter registration card was mailed to her friend’s deceased mother after attending her funeral a year and a half earlier:

Leaving deceased voter registrations active invites voter fraud. Steve Simon brags about Minnesota’s high voter turnout being a reason to trust him but he doesn’t get it. Minnesotans want to know that only eligible voters are voting. That is much more important than just turnout, that is if you care anything at all about the integrity of our elections.

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