"The elective franchise, if guarded as the ark of our safety, will peaceably dissipate all combinations to subvert a Constitution, dictated by the wisdom, and resting on the will of the people."

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Waring, 1801.

I was blessed to be born and raised in Minnesota. My family has deep roots in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota (Redwood Falls, Waconia, Duluth, and points North). I am a big fan of the Founding and American Revolution victory, so I ventured out to Penn Law in Philadelphia for my JD. I wanted to study law where the U.S. Constitution was born but I made my way home, called back to the serenity of our lakes and stunning four seasons. There is no other place like Minnesota.

Many of you may know me through my work as an attorney, policy advocate and writer at Minnesota institutions like Center of the American Experiment and Intellectual Takeout. Or maybe you’ve just heard me on the radio or read my work in the StarTribune.

In 2019, I shifted my full focus to election policy, volunteering with the team at Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) to defend Minnesota’s great tradition of political party balance and other voter integrity measures. I also worked with Ned Ryun’s American Majority on its election integrity project, and I am an active member of the Election Integrity Network (EIN), a national coalition formed to protect the legal vote of every American citizen.

My work with EIN was instrumental in successfully blocking the federal takeover of elections and defending the right of state legislatures to administer the vote (see, HR1/HR4). Maybe you have heard me sound the alarm? EIN launched an impressive task force called “Eyes on Every Ballot” in Virginia and other states in 2021 that turned the tide. I want to build a similar task force here in Minnesota. How could you help me do that?

Through writing, media and speaking to civic groups, I have been calling out state-sponsored, unconstitutional changes in election law led by special interest, DC-based law firms, election interference by Big-Tech players like Mark Zuckerberg, a failure of states like Minnesota to follow statutory election law, as well as election irregularities and voter fraud—all of which undermine confidence in our elections.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
Luke 6:31

Minnesota needs a Secretary of State committed to protecting the rights of all eligible voters in Minnesota, regardless of party affiliation. Along with that commitment comes the responsibility to ensure that ineligible ballots and illegal election procedures do not disenfranchise legitimate voters.

Our right to free and fair elections is one of our most precious rights as Americans. This is why I am running for Secretary of State. Citizens from all walks of life and political points of view are questioning the accuracy of our elections; doubts about elections divide us and threaten our democratic republic. I want to restore confidence in Minnesota’s elections by enforcing the laws on the books and working with the legislature, and election officials across the state, to improve the administration of the vote. Minnesota deserves nothing less.

I truly enjoy speaking to civic groups about election policy and the importance of defending and restoring the Golden Rule, our Constitutional order, and the Rule of Law. Please invite me to address your group!

Business & Corporate Leadership

Another aspect of the Secretary of State’s responsibilities is to conduct the review, approval, and filings for all businesses and organizations operating in Minnesota.

As a business owner and past corporate counsel for TCF Bank for many years I know, firsthand, how important it is that registrations for new and relocating businesses be simple and easy. I want to support small businesses, the backbone of our economy, and encourage all businesses to attract and keep employing Minnesotans.

The Secretary of State’s office needs to be business friendly and work with other state agencies to create a welcoming climate for new entrepreneurs as well as established businesses.


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