A Holy Week Message

A Holy Week message from Kim Crockett

April 14, 2022 – People of Faith always face the challenge of serving God while living in a fallen world, dealing with practical demands and happy responsibilities such as children and work.

As a statewide candidate and a Christian, the challenge is great as I enter Holy Week. The demands of the campaign are disrupting the time I had set aside as the Lenten Season ends and I look forward to the holiest week of the year and Easter Morning.

As I talk with friends who are celebrating Passover and Ramadan, I note with affection that this challenge is not unique to me.

And so let us unite around the prayer that people who love America and want to live in Peace are filled with wisdom and strength as we face the challenges of the day. The challenges are great. The cultural Marxists and their opportunistic friends in the corporate media want to divide us rather than help us find common ground so we can unite as We the People and live in peace and prosperity.

Our modern, high-tech culture is busy, noisy and threatens to overwhelm us, especially conservatives who are under attack as the we work to restore the promise of our Constitutional Republic and the right to live in freedom as a self-governing people.

Let’s join hands, be thoughtful and kind to one another but also very brave and strategic as we call out our mutual enemies who are working day and night to bring America to her knees.

I believe Minnesota is ground-zero in the culture and political wars. This is a challenge and opportunity for all of us to lead our nation back from the brink. Let’s embrace the challenge with joy so we are filled with strength, rather than exhausted by the challenges we face.

Join me by putting God first; we can practice that commitment together, no matter our faith tradition.

May God Bless You and our Nation,

Kim Crockett

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